SALT Weekly: A bi(?) monthly alternative

Exploit the cavernous niche vacated locally by those that are seeking more MOR (middle-of-the-road) BS (yep) fluff click-bait. Not afraid to throw punches but not petty (when to allow nom-de-plumes vis-a-vis nom-de-guerres when the casus belli IS the M.O.?). Tough question when you’re being asked to fork it over, but you really have to spoonfeed.

Combining critical with the satirical, visual and literary arts, reviews, write-ups, intelligent discourse.

We're the salt in the uninformed wound, curing the dead meat, lining the sweet wet rim for your total palate pleasure.


In a town where conspicuous consumption and conspicuous creativity often overlap, we invite the community to help create its own content. Submissions  through the contact page are open for (A)political short-form, illustrations, original art, literary explorations (in short story, poetry, short prose, longer work could potentially be serialized), reviews, criticism, theoretical and ethical discussion, and doodles.

Find us going overboard in the underground.

Find us going overboard in the underground.

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ISSUE #0 October 2018

LTD. EDITION run only available at select events. Meet us out in the streets, tents, fairs, crawls, openings, and openings wider. Keep your eyes peeled and keep brining on.

INCL.: cover art by Zach Hobbs, interactive cutout masks by Alex Lockwood, new literary assemblages of Daniel Pujol, an apology from Jon Sewell for running for mayor, a letter to Marsha Blackburn, a communique recipe from the group that did the new make-up job on the Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue, a Birdcloud comic by Doug Leonard, original art from Tony Sobota and Dylan Moss, and an in-depth exclusive investigation into sightings of the notoriously slippery Swamp Halford.

First batch also comes with a Risoprint cover run by Risology Club.

Issue #00 December 2018


ISSUE #00 December 2018

LTD. EDITION as we prepare for the beginning of the end of the project.

INCL.: cover art by Hal Hefner, interactive ornament centerfold cutouts and another installment of the Birdcloud & Kid Rickets from Doug Leonard, new literary assemblages of Daniel Pujol, a speech to council from Jon Sewell, a justification for an ethical turn from Mr. Christmas, an anonymous letter to #METOO, a letter from “Dad,” comic criticism from Josh Lambert. Original artwork from Tony Sobota, Frank Hand, Lindsy Davis, and Grant Gasser. Original literary productions from Joe Nolan, Margaret Jane Joffrion, Sticker Gitters, Dystopian Refugee, Banana Hammock, and Crud Phlegming

Packaged in a Polybag with a Risoprinted cover poster around the zine, a Classifieds mini-zine, and a prompting mini-SALT.

Issue 52 Feb 2019

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Issue 51 “WON: Worst of Nashville” April 2019


Issue 50 “School’s Out” June 2019


Issue 49 “School’s In” End of August 2019

(in manga layout form)


Issue 48 “Vampire State Building” October 2019

Issue 48 Download


Issue 47 “Blood” December 2019

submissions due Nov 1

includes first two guest editors with Catamenia subprompt: